Thursday, September 30, 2010


It's 12:34am and all is quiet with the world...

Blaise is snoozing belly down - with mommy keeping a watchful eye he doesn't begin his beloved burrowing.

Levi is sleeping with his feet up on the side of the crib, he can now crawl out of...

Aaron is working overtime to bring home the bacon (turkey)
While waiting for Aaron to get home, I am looking around thinking about all I have.

This road has not always been easy... but it has been filled with so much love. We have had some really painful, some really scary, some really happy, some really funny moments. Time has moved by so quickly, one day I'm looking around myself, the next I'm looking around at the man I'm sharing my life with, and our two incredibly special children. Writing brings out the humor in me, but there is really nothing I love more then expressing how much I love, and how much I feel loved.

There are experiences in peoples lives that forever mark them, some good and some bad. Sometimes you look around and think you've been marked all over, and sometimes you realize you're really just being written. Defined by the hand of your creator. You begin to look back and see that when you were asking "why?" he was drawing your bigger picture.

Call this an "ah ha" moment... but instead of asking why, maybe I should watch and listen, maybe He's writing me out, and drawing me in.

It doesn't matter what brought me to this moment, just that it brought me.


I have a husband, who does dishes, get's up with our two year old while I sleep because I nurse during the night, is patient when I complain... and does his best to give me everything. I have watched him become this man, I've seen him be humbled, and I've seen him grow... I've seen God change his heart, and have been honored to receive much the fruit of his growth. I couldn't possibly imagine a better father or example for my children. I stand amazed.

My two precious boys... I love watching them grow. I correct Levi for doing it, but I secretly laugh when he constantly asks "why", the staple of every child's vocabulary... because he's mine... and I don't mind smelling like baby vom throughout the majority of the first few months of Blaise's life... because he's mine. They are literally my surprises. As previously explained I "expected" G's and I got B's... I was definitely surprised... and I'm honored, God has entrusted me with with something so great... and they will be.


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