Thursday, September 9, 2010

A 2 year old take over...

 It's time I formally introduced you to my oldest, Levi Asher: feared by household pets everywhere.

Levi will be 2 in November, however, he is displaying the 2 year old antics everyone "warns" you about. I say warns with quotations because I also refuse to call 2 "terrible". It's more like, trying... yea, trying is a good word for it. By all appearances Levi is confident in his ability to control a situation using various methods (kicking, screaming, food throwing, snatching, extreme cuteness) but... I'm pretty sure his extremely strong will is a sign of impending greatness.

"the mean mug"
As you've probably figured out, since he is my first... this is my first encounter of the 2 kind...

I'm embracing this very independent, intelligent little person. A little person, still my baby... but, a talking in full sentences, requesting oatmeal instead of spaghetti, dog kicking... little person. Where did the time go?

 to all of the mommies staring 2 down the barrel:
 ... here are some things I have learned.

You have to meet them where they are... and no, I don't mean if they're pitching a tantrum you pitch one too... as much as you may feel like it (if you do, just don't let them see you... they understand a double standard even if they are only 3 feet tall) I mean... strength for strength you have to match them. I want Levi to be strong, independent, and unafraid to be set apart, I want him to know he has choices... but he also has boundaries that we establish in his life to keep him safe, teach him wisdom, and help him learn to make the right choices. Some may think this is beyond his age... but this mindset is established now. Who we are in front of him, and who we teach him to be now, will establish his foundation and influence his life's choices.

I say that like I know what I'm talking about, but some days... you might just find me, locked in the bathroom, lying in the floor; belly down, kicking and screaming...

 2 has brought us:

1) food, lot's of food... but not in Levi's belly; on the walls, floor, ceiling (seriously), clothes, hair, even on Bentley, our elderly, embittered house hold cockapoo...
basically every surface area of our home... and person
 2) obsessions with flip flops, hot wheel cars, tractors, our beloved 72 year old neighbor Roy, and... oatmeal?
 3) Levi's favorite words "mommy, mommy, why?" "NoOoOoOoOo" "top it" (stop it) "kick, kick, kick" (poor Bentley) "RAWR, AHHHHH, OHHHHHHH, AHHHHHH, RAWR"

and the biggest challenge of them all:

telling this

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