Saturday, September 4, 2010

why the ice cream man has big hairy knuckles, & why I started this blog

So, first of all, I will explain the odd title of this - my very first official blog post - I did start a previous blog that disappeared into the abyss somewhere - because I could not procure a background of my liking. Temper tantrums get you no where, and leave you blogless. Try try again; a year later.

The ice cream man drove by today; he had big hairy knuckles. This sentence in fact, taught me how to properly use a semicolon. I was unsure of the correct usage of this obscure (at least in my grammatical career which is not extensive) punctuation mark so I decided to "google" it. This is what google turned up for me Another example given "My Aunt also had hairy knuckles; she loved to wash and comb them". Um, I'll stop there.

I am by nature a writer ( however, not necessarily a grammatically correct one... don't judge). It's a release for me, it always has been.

About me:
I am first a foremost: a worshiper - I have a heart after Him, I don't always get it right, I don't profess to have it all together as a Christian... but I love Him.

I am a wife - I have had a variety of labels in our marriage, Military wife (USMC) & Police officers wife,  I am honored to have been married to my husband Aaron for 4 years this past June. We have seen a lot of life within our few years of marriage; deployments, moves, losses, babies, achievements, a few tears, sometimes mass chaos w/ two boys, a career, and soon now he'll be a full time college student... I wouldn't do it with anyone else, He truly is my beloved and my best friend... and we're never bored

I am a mommy - I have two little boys Levi (22 months) and Blaise (6 weeks) - I just have to say, I always assumed I'd have girls; I am one of 3. so when I had my first son, I opened his diaper and cracked up... "Oh my gosh, you really are a boy" -  when I had the ultrasound with my second son Blaise (assuming having one boy had been a fluke & all future children would be girls) I was waiting to hear "Congratulations, it's a girl" as she moved the scanner doohickey over my belly and we got a good view of little legs... I saw it before anyone else... jaw on the floor in total shock (so long mommy's intuition) there it was... another bitty boy part. I open diapers to this day and laugh a little bit. I never saw myself as being a good mom to boys, I am ultra girlie, don't like sports etc... however, it is the most PERFECT fit. I'm mad about these two little boys, whether I'm making block towers, removing play-doh/wretched winged creatures from Levi's mouth, food from walls, nursing every hour and a half, being spit up all over, or dodging pee... I couldn't imagine it any other way.

I am slightly but endearingly dramatic (or so I like to think) I'll explain: I yell at bugs, don't like strange smells, cry at ASPCA commercials, my eyes do the talking, and I have big blond hair - southern style. Oh yea, and I have mild road rage - so if you see a big haired, blond chick barreling (safely) down the road, hollering kid friendly obscenities with two little boys in tow... part the seas, that might just be me.

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Jo Lynn Mahan said...

I am excited about reading your blog! Even your short statuses on Facebook make me smile and laugh.... this blog is going to be even better! Welcome to the blogging world! :)