Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Two year old takeover; Part 2

Every mommy knows that as madly in love with our children as we are, there are "those" days...

Today is mine.

I'm madly in love with everything about Levi, he's spunky, silly, creative, loud, our family prankster, and oh so intelligent. I have to keep him busy, or his mischievous nature will rear it's naughty little head. IE, throwing cell phones, money, bills, etc. down our air vents, trying to use the bathroom/shower by himself, throwing my neatly folded laundry everywhere, chasing Bentley, the embittered elderly cockapoo with a broom, and oh yea... he thinks it's cool to try to stir the pots on our stove (oh my gah)... none of these things are bad behaviors, just busy behaviors.

Today, oh today

Levi is still cutting his two year molars, these will make any child have moments where you feel that if they don't stop, screaming, whining, snotting, & drooling... that you might scream/whine/snot/drool with them.

He could out crab the crabbiest person...

These things remind me of a life lesson I hear in an echo that sounds... a lot like my mothers voice.

"7 x 7"

for I, yes, I myself... was very much like my eldest child. 

Now, I have to say...All of these things are the things that make me incredibly proud he's mine, make me laugh when I think "this must be what my mom was talking about" and leave me wondering how she, and some times I, made it out alive. I was afraid of nothing... I brought home spiders, caught snakes and scorpions, and thought it was awesome to climb trees, ride my bike and roller blade off ramps... just like the boys in my neighborhood did... this often led to atrocious wounds. Upon meeting my husband, and desiring to be all things lovely... I was appalled at the thought of him seeing my gnarly proofs of childhood escapades... thankfully, he just laughed.

As feminine as I was, I was equally as tomboy.

who would figure me for a wild one... right?


All of the things that scared my mom about me, scare me about Levi. I just have to pray the Lord would guard him every day, and give Aaron and I wisdom in our approach to teaching him, patience, kindness and self control. 

Please don't misunderstand me, ask anyone who knows him. He lights up a room like a christmas tree, he is an absolute joy. As I've said before I very much believe that his strong will was built for something incredible. The fact that I get to witness his life, and that God entrusted me to teach him, is an absolute honor. Maybe that's why He put an equally strong will in me.

Now, I give everyone permission to pray that...

1.) Levi's two year molars hurry up
2.) that I survive


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Mandy said...

You just can't help but love the little man!! :) I pray that those teeth will come on in soon! And I know you will survive! :)