Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bouncers & night night turtles; life, liberty, & the pursuit of sanity

This is Blaise
and this is what Blaise looks like around 5am or so...

I had it easy with Levi, nurse, change, swaddle, lay down and he would fall to sleep on his own. Levi to this day sleeps a 12 - 14 hour night, no mess, no fuss.

Blaise however, is a different breed - So mellow, snuggly, and sweet natured... but with this little boy, I need a "how to make your newborn sleep" manual. Following Levi's protocol has not worked, vibrating bassinets do not work, he loathes the "swaddle", shushing does not work, lights off does not work, boppy is not safe, and Blaise who prefers sleeping on his belly, also enjoys burying his face... he does not yet understand the concept of comfort and the ability to breathe.

I, in much distress last night, got desperate and sent my husband to Levi's room for the
"night night turtle". Blaise has an affinity for lights and shiney things; as do most 6 week olds, and the turtle projects an array of green, blue, or orange stars on the walls and ceiling. 

Blaise, in bouncer, bouncer vibrating, night night turtle's stars shining high... eyes wide open. I mean, I knew he'd look at the stars, but I thought they would serve to distract him from the fact that he was not being held... it worked for about 3 minutes, then came the grunting.
My plot to foil his 5am antics... failed.

This is the part where I began begging, who imagines in their pregnancies with their beloved. cuddly, precious pumpkins; that you'll find yourself, all but on hands and knees begging this tiny innocent person... for mercy. 

I say this with all the humor in the world, because I find him funny. Displaying his stubbornness even at 6 weeks old. He almost makes me feel guilty lying there grunting that way. He's so sweet about it, he doesn't demand by screaming... he just grunts and waves his fat little arms, like "mommy, please oh please, I'm so cute and snuggly. Pick me up and I promise I'll fall right to sleep" and his word is his bond... sometimes I pick him up and before I can look down he's passed out, head hanging back, mouth wide open. "gotcha mommy"

 I say all this - exhausted and quite possibly haggard looking - with all of the joy in the world. Sleepless nights will come and go, but seeing little bitty faces staring up at you, needing you, is the most precious gift you could ever receive...


Lindsey said...

But seriously??? I love this blog.

mnalley05 said...

I am loving this blog!! :) I have got to get better! :)