Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oh, taste and see; that the salad is good. The diary of a diet drop out.

Diary of a diet drop out
 The woes of an ordinary girl, trying to lose the booty; 1 diet at a time.

My diet hit list:
  • Atkins - I'm not by nature, much of a carnivore... I am however, by nature... a carbivore
  • South Beach - complicated recipes, difficult to find/expensive ingredients
  • diet pills & splenda - make you a vicious beast; enough said.
 Bootys, munchkins, and tofu.

I am 5 foot 3 inches, and have been blessed with the "McBrayer" petite stature, big booty, big else where's (haha) and a leg length worthy of the lolipop guild themselves. To put it straight, I'm tall for the women in my family... and that's a stretch (no pun intended)...(okay, it's totally a pun)

I have never been tiny. I think at the smallest I've been I was a 6/8. That was in high school - most of my friends were 2's and 4's... a 6/8 isn't far off (but you know high school) but I knew that a 2/4 was just not something my body would do. Especially since I've had 3 pregnancies, 2 full term... my son Levi was born via c-section, my body changed some, but a week after his birth I had lost 32 pounds. I had my 8 week old via VBAC (hooray!) I swear to you, with Blaise... I physically watched my hips widen and my body totally change shape. I was shocked (hello, what was I expecting... I did deliver a miniature person... but a PERSON none-the-less)  

I have always stressed over my weight and size. I had a lot of health issues growing up, and took steroids, amongst other meds consistently from age 5 causing major fluctuations in weight. When I was 17 my mom started looking into alternative medicines... nothing conventional docs were doing was helping me anymore.  I began eating organic/whole foods and saw a drastic change in my body... not only in my medical health, but also in my weight. At 19, just before and after meeting my husband, Aaron... I got serious, used portion control, ran every other day... and lost 30 pounds in 3 months.

RUN big bootied one, RUN.

 Can I tell you how much I HATE running... every step my mind says "just stop, take a break". I have to set goals for myself... "Sunshine, get to that stop sign up there, Sunshine get to that crack in the side walk up there" every few yards there was a stick, crack, or someones unwelcome dandilion greeting me and ushering me to the spruce tree or the mailbox just ahead. By the time I met Aaron I was running about 3 to 4 miles, didn't even look at a french fry, and only ate things the size of my fist. It may sound pathetic that mailboxes, and weeds, spurred me one... but it taught me discipline to set a goal, and reach it...

So... why am I writing this? 

It begins... it's time to feel better about myself, get healthy, and be a good example to my children of (not perfection) but health, confidence, and discipline. It's all about balance, I'm breastfeeding so my approach will be have to be different... I have to maintain a higher caloric intake to keep up with my hoover for an 8 week old...

I'll update on my successes and woes... I may whine some... but I'll keep it all in good humor. 
I Promise.

So, if you see a big haired blond chick, running for a stop sign like Forest ran for Jenny...

that might just be me.


Candra Georgi said...

I started couch to 5K a few weeks ago, have done it every week, but last was just a weird week. I'll be back on the track with you this week. You go girl. And keep up those calories! Breast is best!

Lindsey said...

I'm starting C25K this week with a group of girlfriends. I will be cheering you on!!! I'm going to make sure I eat a lot too so I don't lose my milk.

BTW have I mentioned you are hilarious?!?!

Annalisa said...

this is a fantastic blog sun! i do the same thing when i go "run/walking".. you described it perfectly. well written. more more more!!!