Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mommy of two 2 & under - top 10 must haves!!!

 These are a few of my favorite things...

I always wanted to do a blog post like this, as I've collected things for my boys I've really studied, researched and taken time to consider before investing in them. I thought I'd share my "finds" with you!

I consider them life savers/ peace of mind/convenient/ ooooo I just really LOVE this thing!!!

The titles of each item are connected to the links for those items!

 These are a few pictures, but they DON'T do this stroller justice... 
The seats are detachable! They are very light, can face toward parent, away from parent, toward sibling, away from sibling, be used with almost every infant car seat thanks to a handy attachment that comes with the stroller (most you have to buy separately) and of all it's amazing perks, they took it up a notch, it also comes with a detachable ipod dock w/ a speaker for us walkin momma's

I was skeptical about how easy it would be to remove the seats and flip them around but I did it three different times in the middle of the mall a few days ago - they are so light and easy to switch around if infant wants to see mommy but toddler wants to face out and/or you need toddler to face infant to entertain him when he's ILL (PHEW!) I won't lie, this stroller is not for the faint of heart, or those who want something they can just toss in and out of the car, the frame is heavy (54lbs) it's tall when folded up so it's a little awkward if you're short (like me) haha. But in my opinion all it's perks make up for it's weightyness BY FAR.

 (not sure why in the world there is a halloween bag in this photo I found?)

I love this because I didn't want an icky potty seat sitting around with my 10 month old sure to find it. It has an adjustable tab in the back that makes it fit to almost any toilet, has a built in step stool and handles so they can climb up and down by themselves, and MOST importantly, a splash guard... haha, mom's of little boys will greatly appreciate that feature. I really like that Levi can do it himself; if he needs to run to the potty while I'm nursing I won't have to worry about him falling in... it took me 45 minutes to get him off of it the first time he used it because he liked it so much... haha he sat there read Dr. Seuss books.

This doesn't really need a lot of explanation, except that it's easy, large enough to hold several diapers, a wipe case, and some booty cream. BUT it's small enough, and has a wristlet attachment so that you can slip it on your arm or button it on the stroller. I also really like that it is wider on the sides then your average straight lined changing pad... it keeps little arms OFF of nasty public changing tables.

Now, this is not a necessity for everyone, but for us, after lots and lots of research we came to the decision it was a necessity for our newborns. It is an expensive investment, but we plan on having at least two more children so we knew we would put it to good use... AND it gave us peace of mind. It is made without the use of harmful chemicals used in conventional baby mattresses to make them "flame retardant" (formaldehyde etc...) It is also dual sided, one side is firmer so new borns don't "sink" into the mattress, flip it to the softer side for toddlers. I also highly recommend this website (just click for link)

 I LOVE mine! My parents got it for me for Christmas when Levi was little and I've been crazy about it ever since. There are several different brands coming out with babyfood makers that are similar and less expensive. This steams, puree's, cooks rice and grain - it does it all. I like it for it's convenience, I can nurse Blaise and by the time I'm done his meal will be cooked, I just puree it and dump it in a bowl. You can purchase a spice ball and a separate rice and grain cooker which are very inexpensive, I think there are several other attachments and goodies you can add to it as well as those.

I've used several different types of these, some are individual with lids that you can just take and go, some are units with "cubes" like an ice tray. For long term "food cube" storage I prefer the silicone ones you can just push the food cube out of. I do that with items I can't just smush with a fork, the individuals pots with lids are easy for planning meals to grab and go.

We LOVE Melissa and Doug, I love the "old school" look of wooden toys, but these have a modern fun and EDUCATIONAL twist. Bright colors, they hold up well... we have lots of the puzzles, learning toys, play sets, and pretend food, we love them all!

These are like giant foam puzzle pieces. We have hardwood floors so when the boys started walking and crawling I was constantly chasing after them to keep them from falling on the hardwood. Also, it's hard to keep clean & my husband is a police officer so I'm always like "I don't even want to know what's on your boots" (If I could get him to remember to take them off... anyone know of a product for that?! People are NO ALLOWED to step on the play mats!!!) We found these and they made things SO much easier. I've seen them at Target, Walmart, Sams Club etc... they're inexpensive and easy to find.

What's there to say?! I love dressing my boys like "little men" I especially LOVE distressed blue jeans on my boys... I love getting great deals on them too! Gap, Crazy8, and The Children's Place all offer "grown up" looking jeans in little people adjustable sizes!

So... I LOVE my coconut oil... and so do my kids. It was introduced to me by another "Oatmeal mom" (click "oatmeal mom" for previous blog link... it's good for a giggle) It's great for skin, hair, eyes, and nutrition all around. It contains Lauric Acid which is SUPER HEALTHY for everything from digestion, to eczema, to cancer, to weight loss & even boosting YOUR metabolism (haha, I forgot that benefit, I need to start drinkin the stuff). It's extremely beneficial to baby's health. I put it in the boys food (tastes buttery not tropical, great served on veggies, lentils, avacados etc.) It is also a natural anti-fungal (thrush)     

      There you go, My mommy must haves vol. 1                        

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